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Men Working !

October 4th, 2011

SHEGANS05 shows us how it’s done.  Nice Spy and camera work. Posted from WordPress for Android

Engy Unlock Preview: Nope.

February 8th, 2010

We can dream, can’t we?  Not sure who the video creator is, I’m finding conflicting authorship:

Grinding? Who, Me?

March 12th, 2009

I don’t care what you’ve heard – Bat21 and I were not “grinding” achievements the other night. And this screenshot can be explained. The FNF Legal Team will be issuing a statement regarding this, soon, and will be cleared of any Grinding charges. I don’t know how I got The Sandman, and the Force-A-Nature. [...]

Bonked! Plus Mini-Spy

March 12th, 2009

Now there’s an unlock we’re all fearing.  Imagine having to check the ground for little masked men.

Shootin’ Sandviches!

August 21st, 2008

This whole Sandvich Edible Device thing…. ….gives new life to this piece of art found on “Engineer is credit to Heavy!” As I first posted here.

I was hoping to get a glimpse of them last night, but was only killed by the, let’s face it, boring, Natascha. The farmer in this vid shows off the Sandvich, Natascha, and the Killing Boxing Gloves of Doom. Or whatever they’re called:

This is one of my favorite new DoD:S achievements; the Double Cross. Tip: you must be tenacious with this one – don’t let a smoking projectile pass you by without picking it up. You must be fearless!! Also, if you want to know a great place to pick up this achieve very naturally, try the [...]

The other night I got this Achievement So I thought it was a good excuse to post something on the real M1 Garand, and it’s inventor, John C. Garand.  Click here for a detailed description of the “rifle that won the war”. Mr. John C. Garand.

All right, I’m inordinately proud of this one: Grimwar was the lucky fellow who fired a critical rocket at me, and I blew it right back in his face. Ding ding ding! Very satisfying. He can take pride in ruining my achieving of the OMGWTFBBQ award, which you can see this fellow get in this [...]

From a real server with a real Sniper. bl4h (from the steamforums) lights up a Sniper, with style. This uses the Pyro’s taunt while in his secondary weapon mode – the famed Hadouken energy blast. Reading up on the Hadouken made me think, hey goll-dangit wouldn’t the TF2 crew be COOL in a Street Fighter [...]

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