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The Left 4 Dead fans will get a kick out of this: I love how Bill’s hat looks on the Soldier, it’s more like the Old TFC model (Soldier left of the Medic, if you were not around for Old Model TFC): Can a bandana and goggles for Heavy be far behind?

War Stories in Frag-Land

November 1st, 2009

The story of Me, Milkman Dan, and the Elevator That Killed Us Both FNF TFC was such a happy land.  Our usual crew (many of which still frag with us on DoD:S and TF2) were having a blast on the custom map called Nuclear.  Nuke was a very cool, big ol’ map which involved incinerating [...]

Those were the days. Hey, where’s that roof when you needed it?

Tantalizing Tease: Arena Maps?

August 12th, 2008

Oh Valve: you tease, you! From the TF2 Official Blog: In addition to the three unlockable weapons and thirty-five achievements for the Heavy, we’ve got a new game mode with five new arenas for it…. I have GOTTA believe that Valve is not going the “orange-deathmatch-made-in-five-minutes-piece-of-garbage” route with this. Arena says to me “games”. Either [...]

TFC the Musical

July 27th, 2008

pinkNINJA posted something on the phenomena of “gun sound effect song videos”. I really don’t know what to call them…..sound FX remixes? Gun sounds videos? Anyway, they’re pretty cool. The TF2 one in particular, so click on over there to check them out. I remember this TFC one (warning, may cause nausea. If so, hit [...]

Played Caen Last Night

July 26th, 2008

Just a quick note…you DoD vets will remember dod_caen, a classic map in which everyone knew where you were if you said “I’m in the electric alley” or “the fire alley”.  Well, there have been a couple of custom mappers who’ve attempted to port the map – and in one way or another have really [...]

Going to Headquarters

July 9th, 2008

That’s right, FNF HQ on official business. So blogging may be light till I get back on Monday. Staying at the very hospitable Bat21‘s place and hope to see you FNF folks on the servers. Man, I’ve been enjoying DoD lately. The M1 Garand (Rifleman) is just like it used to be on the old [...]

Up Next: The Fatty

July 1st, 2008

As confirmed on the surprisingly-frequently-updated TF2 Official Blog, Mr. Heavy W. Guy is the next Team Fortress 2 character slated for updates. It seems the big difference with the Heavy update is that they’re opening a window into their design process. No doubt a lot of people are going to interpret this as “OMG tehy’re [...]

Blood and death on Mr. Buzzard‘s old map, dod_fnf:

Pep Talk

June 26th, 2008

I love this old shot. Because of the “old skool resolution”, it’s a little hard to read. Bear is the Medic waiting with me in the tunnel – we were getting ready to jump into the jaws of death – the enemy flag room on TFC’s old Well map: (TEAM) bear[FNF]:  hey if I can [...]

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