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Played Caen Last Night

July 26th, 2008

Just a quick note…you DoD vets will remember dod_caen, a classic map in which everyone knew where you were if you said “I’m in the electric alley” or “the fire alley”.  Well, there have been a couple of custom mappers who’ve attempted to port the map – and in one way or another have really [...]

CP_Lazytown (mapper Zeta) was one of the first fun, playable custom maps after TF2 was released in October of last year. The map had flaws; it was very plain-jane in the visuals, and it was tough to “cap out” on. That made for some intense battles but felt unsatisfying….it didn’t seem to have momentum. Also, [...]

I’m hesitating when I think of doing map reviews. There’s a couple of reasons. First, I made a map – it developed over a couple of years and went through several widely different versions. I know from experience that you cannot judge a map by playing it one time. This ESPECIALLY goes for balance testing. [...]

Map Review: CP_Fastlane_b1

June 11th, 2008

Another map we tried last night was cp_fastlane. I don’t have much to say about it. It was nice looking, carefully made, but not very interesting. It didn’t have anything memorable about it. It needs a setpiece!! However, I did like this CP (Grim again in the pic): Sorta reminded me of a TFC style [...]

Map Review: CP_STEEL_B4

June 11th, 2008

On FNF we like to run the occasional custom map. We steer clear of “orange maps” (come on, mappers. Those textures are for *developing* a map. It wasn’t meant to be a style). However we are up for about anything if it looks good and is fun to play. CP_Steel_b4 is a GREAT map. I [...]

Found this on the Control Point podcast page:

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