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Bad Neighbor: Achiever

May 31st, 2008

FNF regular (we call them “FNF’ers”) Bad Neighbor achieved the 1 Million Total Heal Points achievement, and I promised to document the happy occasion. Bad Neighbor. Woot! Good job, Neighbor! (and Milestone, ta boot, which means he has half of the Medic Achieves)

FNF at 8: TFC

May 29th, 2008

Bat21′s beloved FNF servers began with TFC, and the server ran on Bat’s home dsl for years. It died a quiet death….I’m not sure when? Anyway, here’s some pics from the ’05 birthday celebration. On the left, COMMIE B@STARD (CPL NOBBS in DoD) and Bone talking. The cool thing about this iteration of TFC is [...]


May 26th, 2008

All these screenshots you see on Fragwagon were taken on the FNF TF2 and DoD:S servers. It all started when Bat21 inaugurated a humble TFC server off his home DSL, way back on Memorial Day Weekend, the year 2000. He dedicated it with the words inscribed on the Korean War Memorial: “FREEDOM IS NOT FREE“. [...]

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