Meet the Pyro

June 27th, 2012

It’s out!

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  1. Pyro Unlockables Next – and Meet the Sniper
  2. Meet the Sniper and Pyro Stuff.
  3. TF2 Cooking With Pyro
  4. Meet the Whistle
  5. Replay of the Day: Pyro can take roof all by himself

One Response to “Meet the Pyro”

  1. jd

    Now, who should we fear more. The makers of Steam and Team Fortress 2 or those who avidly play the game?
    Interesting movie. Well made. The investment in creating a back story for each character helps the sustainability of a game that is going on 16 years, going back to the original TF release in 1996. That’s quite a run.

    Thanks for sharing PAD!

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