“Leftout Scout”

January 2nd, 2012

Shwiggan’s latest, featuring the Scout:

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  1. Scout Poster
  2. Team Fortress 2 – Faster than a speeding bullet (Scout’s theme)
  3. Replay of the Day: The Big Hurt
  4. Scout Is Untouchable
  5. Scout Gets Owned

3 Responses to ““Leftout Scout””

  1. Open

    As a kid my uncle gave me a Heathkit 50-in-1 electronics set. Once I fuerigd out how to do the minimal soldering involved this turned out to be the greatest thing ever. It’s how I learned to tap phones.

  2. being treated

    That’s an apt answer to an interesting question

  3. Willian

    Timothy:你問得d咁raw嘅問題,好明顯你仲未曾接觸過師公會啦 你嘅問題,其實最直接嘅答案,係打上師公會問下,佢地有專人答有關攞PC嘅野架,而且都幾nice嘅添!你同佢地check 好晒d野,包括pre/post Q experience,PC exam 等等,肯定冇問題,先去諗出RO啦 多口問句,你肯定 expmet/pass 晒PC exam囉,可?! 如果唔係,一切晒氣!

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