Replay director kff spreads the holiday cheer:

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3 Responses to “Replay of the Day: Seasons beatings”

  1. Almeer

    I gotta say it looks like a very beautiful box, but I’ll wait until the price goes below the 60 dolalr mark because it’s just not worth for me. I’m in no rush. It could be possible considering the box set is now available for 100 bucks and you can expect the price to go lower in the following months, not to mention Black Friday deals in a couple of months or used sets for sale online either on eBay or Amazon. This means that if you plan on getting this box set pretty cheaply eventually, you’ll have to skip the 3 disc set of So to avoid repetition and further cash-out for the same material.

  2. Viksa

    Hi TonyThanks for your comment. Yes, the marjoioty of my experience is with larger clients, but I’ve worked with clients of all sizes from OMBs to listed companies, and I’ve done my share of Accounts prep too!CAATs are generally more suited to larger audits, where there are significant volumes of data to analyse. However, fraud, errors and mistakes happen in companies of any size, and data analytics/CAATs can be extremely useful, whoever the client.Also, when it comes to adding value and providing additional services, there is a wealth of infomation to be obtained from data analytics even for a small corner shop (margin analysis, purchasing analysis).And general Excel skills are almost certainly going to be useful to anyone working with financial data!I think the key point is to understand what skills and tools you need for the engagements that you undertake, and to ensure that you and your team have access to them.Different products and solutions are going to be more appropiate for different circumstances, just like you’d need different tools and skills to build a house than you would for a skyscrapper.If you’d like to pick my brains as to your specific circumstances then drop me an email with your number and I’d be happy to give you a call.CharlieP.S. We provide a fully functional trial and/or a no quibble guarantee on any product that we sell, so there is always the opportunity to try them out, with no risk, and see whether they are appropriate for your needs.

  3. Niravnnsb

    Nina,In cases like this, I’ve found in training I lead that you can never have too many Jing soneershcts (with lots of red arrows) in your instructions. I’d recommend a few of those next time you have a great offer like this!

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