aka “InterplanetaryBypass” on youtube. I thought this video nicely captured the tension of payload race map, plr_hightower. I like the focus on the action as a whole, rather than on a single player’s pwnage.

  1. Video: “There’s a Snake in My Boot”
  2. A Hero at Hightower – a TF2 Replay Movie
  3. How to Play Soldier Video
  4. Wow. Map Release.
  5. TF2 Time Lapse Video

3 Responses to “Hightower: Replay Video by GastricBypass”

  1. TheSmalHobbit

    That was epic, right at the end. Crashes into the ground headfirst XD But this really does capture the chaos that always acquires that map, neat to see it from a cinematic perspective.

  2. Ben Gunn

    Don’t know why I find such violence absolutely hilarious….but I do! good job.

  3. Xena

    I did not realize how crazy that is….sheesh, it’s a wonder why we are not all tweekin by the end of the night.

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