Well….it turns out the Pyro is still possibly human, and somewhere, Dr. Grordbort is missing a few ray guns.  By the way, that’s yours truly getting vaporized at the end of the video. Posted from WordPress for Android

From YouTube guy, Shibby.  Interesting theory there, Shibs.  Unlikely, a bit crazy, but interesting nonetheless.  Haha! Posted from WordPress for Android

From Kotaku, mysterious crashed rockets showing up in the background of TF2 maps.  Could it be heralding the upcoming new gamemode promised by Robin Walker?   Check it out: Posted from WordPress for Android

Psilocybin pwns! Posted from WordPress for Android

aka “InterplanetaryBypass” on youtube. I thought this video nicely captured the tension of payload race map, plr_hightower. I like the focus on the action as a whole, rather than on a single player’s pwnage.

Soldier Duel on Badlands

July 12th, 2011

Remember those days when we had screenshots? You know, back when we had to churn our butter and drive a cow to work?

TF2 Soldier Gameplay

July 11th, 2011

Now with editing! It’s amazingly simple in the Replay editor. Allow me to tip my golden hat to StormPow from Machinima’s youtube page for this very helpful tutorial. Check it out if you want to learn more about doing Replays.

Let’s GO to the videoTAPE!  Finally, I Pad See Ew, your host, has dipped my toes into videos using Valve’s wonderful Replay Editor.  I’ve just been playing with the freecam (which is awesome) and haven’t edited anything actually yet, but it’s fun.  Check this one out (the Soldier with Golden Helmet is me):

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