Meet the Medic!

June 23rd, 2011

You probably didn’t see it here first, but just in case!

Sharp eyes will notice a shadowy figure observing the Heavy’s operation – probably Miss Pauling, the assistant to the mean “YOU FAILED!” lady in the TF2 comics.

  1. Replay of the Day: Epic Medic Save!
  2. Meet the Scout
  3. Obligatory Meet the Sniper Embed
  4. Pyro Update Page
  5. The Blue Screen of Victory!

3 Responses to “Meet the Medic!”

  1. ADUMB

    HI PAD

  2. PadSeeEw

    Hi little buddy.

  3. TheSmalHobbit

    This has got to be my FAVORITE Teammeet yet. Top 2 is the Spy head interaction and when the heart explodes and hits Archimedes. The Pyro trying to light the magazine is probably the runner-up, can’t wait to see his/her’s video. They probably still won’t announce the gender.

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