Primary Target

March 25th, 2011

fannypack[newsies] is looking good!

  1. Fudgeums Faceplant
  2. Rotax + Bonesaw = Malpractice
  3. Lord Akira in Crapstorm
  4. Bat21 Victory Axe
  5. Excuse Me, Pardner!

4 Responses to “Primary Target”

  1. jd

    I’m glad to see some new posts. Man! If your photo-togging (is that right?) is this good with an f5key, then how good could it be with a camera. Somebody get that man behind the lens.

  2. SpeedyFast14

    i play Team Fortress 2 alot so i should know that ALOT of people go after the sentry gun most of the time.

  3. s


  4. Alisha

    This plugin is exlcaty what I was looking for, but it doesn’t seem to be working for me . I have defined what category the post should be in, and assigned the sticky post to that same category, but all of my sticky posts are showing at the top of all the categories. Is there a certain way I need to be calling for the Sticky Post in the category.php file that perhaps I am missing? Thanks!

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