Fragwagon is Not Dead Yet!

March 19th, 2011

It’s just resting. Some life changes, but the domain is renewed. Apparently Steam has now made it easier to capture screenshots and upload ‘em to your profile, from any Steam game so the potential is still there! Leave a comment and tell me you still care! Hahaha!

- Pad See Ew

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  2. Fragwagon
  3. Betrayal and Shame
  4. FRAGWAGON: Now With Replays!
  5. The only good spy….

7 Responses to “Fragwagon is Not Dead Yet!”

  1. Taco

    I have been waiting for a new post.

  2. BrikHaus

    I care!

  3. Mrs. BrikHaus

    I care!

    I love the little stories that go with the pictures.

  4. TheSmalHobbit

    I do! And it’s about time a new post kicked up, even better on my birthday lol

  5. PadSeeEw

    Aw! Thanks guys!! :D

  6. Teuf

    Thank Yog!

    A) You’re alive and well

    B) I no longer have to see my petty vandalism at the top of the page

  7. SpeedyFast14

    I still care! That’s funny really though, because I don’t really care about video gamez. So I shouldn’tz carez.

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