Pad here. I haven’t posted anything in ages, but this new video by Super Pretendo impels a posting. Wow, brilliant, must-see. This guy is a genius.

  1. Time Lapse Video Now on Youtube
  2. Video: Engineer Update Coming Soon!
  3. Meet the (real) Demoman
  4. “Practical Problems” by monkeyjunkie160
  5. TF2 Time Lapse Video

4 Responses to “Video: That Engineer’s a Teleporter!”

  1. Clarke

    Haha I wouldn’t say genius but thanks. Anyway I’ll be sure to tell everyone to check out Fragwagon.

  2. PadSeeEw

    Thanks, Clarke!

  3. Blarghmarghnighsigh

    He had a white AND red shirt?
    Aw well.
    Awesome greenscreen.

  4. bat21

    wow! That was really good. keep up the good work!!

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