Captain Chaos!

September 10th, 2010

Sometimes a screenshot isn’t particularly funny or unusual but just has perfect composition. This is one such shot of Captain Chaos. Suitable for framing!

  1. Rotax + Bonesaw = Malpractice
  2. Pad’s Faves: The Watchful Sentry
  3. Ace.
  4. ottothecow. spy. gravelpit.
  5. This Might Sting….

2 Responses to “Captain Chaos!”

  1. Rhthrt

    Hmm Team Derek! He is so in love with Kylie, i doesn’t matter who claled off. He cares about her as herself not what she is and that is important while Lucas maybe hott he wants her to be werewolf more than he loves her. Derek broke it off with Kylie cause she pushed him away not because he was a jerk, he just loves her so much he couldn’t be pushed away. And Derek is pretty hot and is a total sweet heart while Lucas is just hot and protective and stupid. Derek may look like Trey but Kylie should get over him its old news, and Derek is better and less pushy. Kylie just doesn’t know what she wants- a sweet guy who loves her as she is..or a werewolf who loves her but wants he to be like him major difference. being protective and caring are way different things they both are protective but Derek is both he loves her as a friend and something more. So i say Go DEREk! but i am not saying theres bad things about Lucas i just do not like bad boys who call their Ex’s instead of their girlfriends. Maybe he and his Ex will get together since he totally still hung up on her. Lucas is hott and blue eyed but it doesn’t helpt the fact he is selfish about have a pureblood line, if you cared about someone enough you wouldnt care. Gosh and noo Lucas so totally doesnt understand Kylie like Derek does. Eventhough is emotion changing can be wierd he wouldnt do anything like that to Kylie..and she needs to unwad her panties cause she is so uptight about everything just go for Derek or whatever CC desides to do with the story (possibly a super duper new hot guy?) haha but full on team Derek ya’ll

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