Cartoon: TF2 Final Push

April 3rd, 2010

Another great TF2 cartoon by animator GeneralCacti. Enjoy!

  1. New TF2 Cartoon: “Team Kill”
  2. Great TF2 cartoon: Engineer’s Team
  3. “We must PUSH little horsie!”
  4. TF2 Syringe Mystery
  5. Heavy Golf Spam!

4 Responses to “Cartoon: TF2 Final Push”

  1. taco

    too many times have I been there.

  2. Xena

    Shiny objects distract me too….;)

  3. Son of a_gunslinger [FNF]

    that was hlarious

  4. PadSeeEw

    That animator is great, I wish he’d do more TF2 stuff.

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