Thats some right pretty shooting, Brik.

That's some right pretty shooting, Brik.

  1. TF2 Devs on Mapping
  2. Played Caen Last Night
  3. Teufelsburst’s Grand Rules of Warfare #3
  4. Cream gravy!
  5. Gav’s Rocking Character Art

5 Responses to “It’s Friday, get out there and play!”

  1. taco

    I’ll show you some fancy shooting! Wait, I don’t have L4D.

  2. BrikHaus

    I was aiming for his head.

  3. Shiva

    And they wonder why I use a grenade launcher…

  4. PadSeeEw

    I just got L4D2. Tried it in offline mode. Expecting it will be better with some friends (STOVETOP may get it).

  5. Patrick

    How do I get left 4 dead I steam and I can’t get it do you know why I get?

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