I admire computer programmers. I think it’s amazing that a bunch of 1′s and 0′s can be configured in such a manner that they create a 3d world brimming with life on a television screen. Those worlds are populated with virtual people who walk, run, jump, and sometimes get stuck navigating around small objects in this virtual world. All of this is created for the consumer’s amusement, and they pay their hard earned money for this experience.

Which is why it is so frustrating to see that these geniuses, these artists, don’t know how to program a clock that understands the concept of a leap year.

Click for Facepalm.

Dear Sony,

I was deeply affected by this outage.  For once, I had real, live guests at my house.  They wanted to play video games while we were all in the same room!  We decided to play Rock Band. For some reason, none of the songs I purchased for download would work. (Also, that free iCarly song I downloaded didn’t work. I guess that’s what you’d call a blessing in disguise.) The PS3 kept throwing error messages around about not being able to sign into the Playstation Network. Other PS3 owners had it worse. They couldn’t play an offline, single-player game because their console thought it should be February 29, 2010.  In response, the console freaked out and set itself to 12/31/1999, a simpler time for machines. 

I really appreciate that you fixed this problem that plagued so many PS3 owners within 24 hours. I don’t know if it’s fair of you to claim the flow of time as a fix.  But kudos for making folks think you were actually performing work for the last 24 hours.

In the future, please understand that leap years occur every 4 years. Maybe you programmed the clock to think that even numbered years are leap years. That is a wicked rumor! Perhaps you thought it wise to match leap years to Olympic years. After all, those occur every 4 years.  If that is the case, plesae disregard the Winter Olympics, as I did, and all will be well.


–BrikHaus, iCarly karaoke king

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2 Responses to “Wanted: Computer programmer at Sony. Must possess skills in C++ and Java. Understanding of Leap Years not required.”

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