Spy & Pyro: A Love Story

February 14th, 2010

Best TF2 cartoon I have seen yet. Well done, Andrew Kepple ( Happy Valentine’s day!

You must watch this. It’s like Chuck Jones met John Kricfalusi and they played TF2 for a week straight and got inspired to make this masterpiece.

  1. Here’s a Touching Story
  2. Replay of the Day: 2 Pyro’s 1 Spy
  3. TF2 Voice Actors! Scout and Spy/Pyro
  4. Story of a Sentry [Saxxy Awards 2012]
  5. Private Eyes (a KingHoborg replay)

3 Responses to “Spy & Pyro: A Love Story”

  1. DigitalLogik

    I feel dirty now….

  2. taco

    that was just scary mr pad

  3. TheSmalHobbit

    Oh man, my sides hurt from laughing so much. 1:30; 1:52; 2:31; 2:48(She finally got cake); 4:14; and my favorite 4:27 XD

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