January 7th, 2010

As the great American philosopher Neil Diamond once said, “Hello again, hello.”

Fragwagon’s back! Hope you had fun over the holidays. I sure did. I’ve played a lot of TF2 recently, and what’s more, I’ve whined a lot about TF2 recently. So expect to read some of these (hopefully not overly long) ruminations from my time in respawn.

Perhaps one of the problems of the TF2 forums at steampowered is that the game gives people way too much time to think about things whilst in respawn for long periods.

Things like, TF2 Action Figure PetitionI would like to say something to complaining FaN scoutsI was bored so here’s my idea of the engie updateMy view on lunchboxesTransform Wise sayings into TF2 related jargon, and Valve is trying to teach us a valuable lesson, and bridge cultures.

I love the Internet.

  1. six pk: Welcome to Taco Hell
  2. Fragwagon
  3. Torchlight
  4. On the Freezecam: Some Much Needed Sense-Talking
  5. Replay of the Day: What the Hell is your guys’ problem?!

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