Dragonman777 having fun with the Camera Beard and Ghastly Gibus hat.
I tweaked the bottom screenshot’s brightness and contrast.

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3 Responses to “Four Score and Seven Backstabs Ago….”

  1. Daro

    Actually I was referring to other stnietiscs and science writers (including science bloggers; same difference). I recall reading others discussing on-line a couple of years ago; Siouxsie pointed to some material from this time in Michaele2€™s thread.For example, if you had listened to the coverage (or had be able to listen to the coverage, as the case may be), youe2€™d have learnt that one of the earlier effort towards this was by a scientist (or a group?) from the Manhattan Project, who were concerned at the military use of the work, etc. I wouldne2€™t be surprised to learn from science historians that there were e2€˜oathse2€™ or other e2€˜guidelinese2€™ from quite some time ago, for example in Voltairee2€™s or Bacone2€™s time.Ie2€™m curious as why anyone would think an objective to do well by others would be a bad thing (as my reading of your comment implies). I would have thought this hasne2€™t much to do with science (somehow) being considered e2€œarcanee2€9d or e2€œexceptionale2€9d, but rather a wish to respect the wider community their work sits within.

  2. Anahera

    Moi, je le trouve tre8s bien, ce film. Vous avez le droit de pas aimer mais vous eates pas oblige9(e) de crier sur tout les toits que c est de la m****. Y a des gens qui aneimt alors laissez-nous tranquille. Et je ne suis pas d accord avec le point Godwin. La sce8ne ou Bacaille9 est torture9, c est dans le livre. Il n y a aucune maladresse ou beatise consternante la dedans. C est dans le livre. Apre8s tout, la nouvelle guerre des boutons, c est toujours mieux que les petits navets ame9ricains qui passent sur TF1 ou plug-RTL le dimanche apre8s-midi. Et puis, il y a des tre8s bons acteurs comme Kad Merad ou Ge9rard Jugnot. Mais d un autre cf4te9, c est un peu dommage de mettre des juifs qui cassent un peu l image comique et laissent de cf4te9s les belles bagarres des enfants dans l histoire originale.

  3. Inor

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