This is to be an ongoing series of suggestions and observations to help the Cannon Fodder Brigade (CFB), including yours truly, appreciate the finer elements of FPS combat.  While helpful, these tips will not make you a mustachioed TF2 cossack, looting and pillaging across the fatted plains of STEAM on your shaggy pony while the wind whips through your vodka soaked tunic, more’s the pity.

Teuf’s Rule of Warfare #1: Maintain Situation Awareness at all times.  All the firepower in the world will not help you if they take your flank.

Teuf’s Rule of Warfare #2:  Hit them hard and hit them where it hurts.  If you can’t drop them with two arrows, you get what you deserve. (Good job, Bear!)


  1. Teufelsburst’s Grand Rules of Warfare #3
  2. New Wagoneer: Teufelsburst
  3. Use the Bazooka!
  4. Now if I could just learn to aim….
  5. Arrow’d!

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  1. PadSeeEw

    Good stuff. I’m making this a new category.

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