That’s right, I whipped something up for the Contest, and it’s almost 4am. 
I’ll share what I submitted with you alls after I lose on Wednesday.

  1. Propaganda Contest
  2. Contest Map: Haarp
  3. Fragwagon
  4. Hop on the Fragwagon, kids.
  5. Now this – THIS is a Fragwagon

3 Responses to “Fragwagon Propaganda Contest Entry”

  1. taco

    Who is I? Tuefs or pad?

  2. PadSeeEw

    ’tis the Noodle Boy. I haven’t figured out how to show the authorship of the posts yet…if it’s possible in this WordPress format….

  3. BrikHaus

    I just put my name at the bottom of the post, WordPress be darned!

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