Throne of the Damned

November 21st, 2009

I’ve been enjoying Left 4 Dead 2 immensely, but Valve seems to have scrapped the idea of creating a co-op survival horror game with strong cinematic elements and instead focused on the GAME aspect of that equation.  Take heart, there’s a bit of something for everyone this time around.  For Counter-Strike idiot savants and their ilk, Valve has cranked up the difficulty of the Expert setting, introduced the Realism mode which removes respawn closets and the ghost silhouettes of players hidden by terrain features, and improved the Director AI as well as adding new special infected that counter the tried and true closet camping and corner stacking tactics of L4D.  On the other end of the spectrum, the beer and pretzels crowd has a sizeable list of gonzo achievements (you try playing whack-a-mole while being rushed by a  horde), increased banter between the characters (bless you Ellis), and new toys such as melee weapons (obligatory cricket bat and katana) and vomit bombs.  If you’re wondering into which camp I fall, recently I found myself wandering through a county fair holding a grenade launcher with a chainsaw strapped across my back while attempting to honk the noses of zombie clowns for an achievement.  Yeah, it can be that type of game.

Also, the toilets of the apocalypse are much cleaner in this version.

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