Wow. Map Release.

November 9th, 2009

Apparently has a contest, and I’m seeing these shots in this well done video and…my mouth is hanging open and my jaw is h i t ting hte space b ar .  There’s still time to check these maps out and vote on the winners before November 14th!

Will have to try these out post-haste. Dude, did you see that Payload going down like a rollercoaster! Whoa!! And a nice snow map thrown in there! Amazing talent, kudos to all the mappers and to TF2 Maps….glad to see they’re still chugging along. I joined their forums ages ago, I made a DoD:S map (dod_foy_rc1) and thought I’d do a TF2 one (still have a vision for a volcano type map with bubbling lava rivers and catwalks, i.e. Mustafar from Star Wars).

But mapping is hard.  And time consuming.  And other people do it so much better.  Can’t wait to see these!

EDIT:  My bet is in that at least one of these will be picked up by VALVe in an official release.

  1. Contest Map: Haarp
  2. Map Review: CP_STEEL_B4
  3. Map Review: CP_Fastlane_b1
  4. Song Parody
  5. CTF Map “Switch” Switches Things Up a Bit

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  1. taco

    very cool

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