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November 1st, 2009

The story of Me, Milkman Dan, and the Elevator That Killed Us Both


FNF TFC was such a happy land.  Our usual crew (many of which still frag with us on DoD:S and TF2) were having a blast on the custom map called Nuclear.  Nuke was a very cool, big ol’ map which involved incinerating the opposing team by launching a rocket, in their base.  Not sure how that worked as I think about it.  But it’s a TF game, it’s not supposed to make that much sense.

Well, this other player Milkman_Dan and myself were Combat Medics (the later TFC title for the class) and had infiltrated the enemy base.  At one point we jumped into the elevator shaft and realized, “Oh crap, we’re on top of the elevator”.  At this point, our friend [RB]NavySeal (enemy team) gets on the elevator while we’re riding on top, and it proceeds to crush us slowly to death.  All this was unbeknownst to Navy, who later said he was wondering if the elevator was glitched.  The above screenshot was captured when I was in the throes of death (and cramped with laughing).  As you can see, we thought we could cheat death by healing each other, but the elevator eventually won out.

I hope that wasn’t too long, or fanfic like.  Perhaps a “you had to be there” moment but I just had to share it.

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