Be careful how you position your Dispensers, Engies. Spies are devious.

  1. New TF2 Cartoon: “What’s He Building in There?”
  2. Dispenser Buildin’ Spy Bug Squashed
  3. Cool stuff in this Changelog
  4. Engineer Safety is FIRST.
  5. Replay of the Day: Gold Rush 101

11 Responses to “On Proper Building Placement”

  1. slick

    I have used this before but usually as a pyro as you can kill both at the same time hiding behind a dispenser.

  2. BrikHaus

    I have also used that placement several times to great success. I’ve been lucky enough to be up against spies who are so fixated on back stabs and sentry saps that my own gun hasn’t been a threat to me.

    Cool video.

  3. PadSeeEw

    Interesting point, Brikhaus.

  4. DigitalLogik

    Spi is my favorite class, planning is everything.

  5. taco

    Where are the july updates mr noodle?

  6. Teufelsburst

    That’s all right, I’m sure August will be 31 days lowbrow arrow shots. At least I hope it will.

  7. PadSeeEw

    lol@Teuf. Oh that is a certainty.

    Sorry for the lack of updates. It hasn’t been for lack of material. August will see some good changes that will hopefully revive this left for dead blog.

    Also, I plan to axe the ridiculous Google ads. They’re worthless!

  8. Jetamo

    Have you got a saved PDF copy of the sentry/electro sapper PDFs? The site is down. :/

  9. taco

    Kinda lame but the funny part..

    “And an axis is yelling at everyone else to help capture the flag.”

    Oh so typical…

  10. PadSeeEw

    That was pretty hilarious, besides the juvenile language. I love the surprise ending!

  11. PadSeeEw

    Jetamo, no I’m sorry I didn’t save those. But if I find them again I’ll post them.

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