Brikhaus mailed this one in.  You gotta see the original, here.
super sofa is looking good!
And thus begins the new arrow series, William Tell Me Where it Hurts (credit to Brikhaus).

  1. New Wagoneer: Brikhaus
  2. Mailbag: Spy-agra.
  3. Mailbag: Exploding Fudge
  4. Mailbag: You Have Lost Your Intelligence
  5. Mailbag: Bad Sniper!

5 Responses to “Mailbag: Right in the Wanker.”

  1. BrikHaus


    Tis a pity, I aimed for his head,
    Got him in the Willie,
    That looks Silly,
    Now I’m dead!

  2. PadSeeEw


  3. BrikHaus

    Would have been better if it had been that guy whose gamertag was “It Burns When I Pee.”

    Too bad I kicked him. :(

  4. PadSeeEw

    An arrow to the crotch, face full of Sniper urine, and then a boot off the server: the ultimate humiliation.

  5. Some Random Guy

    Omg, lol! No wonder why he’s barely alive….

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