The Top 10 Plays of the Week from Push Gaming, which TF2 Blog mentioned, but FAILED to embed.

Week 1

Watch more videos of TF2

Week 2

Watch more videos of TF2
  1. Meet the Medic!
  2. Temp Fortress 2!
  3. Engineers Get Their Party On!
  4. Spy & Pyro: A Love Story
  5. Running Circles Around the Engineer

4 Responses to “From the Geek Sports Network:”

  1. mAN-BOT

    Nice post- Always love to watch skilled player vids. Will look forward to more vids Mr Pad .

  2. Teufelsburst

    I feel so…inadequate.

  3. slick

    Thinks, wow, at least I still have a life!

  4. Bone

    Bam, they need Chris Pucket to anouce these, like the halo 3 top 10 videos before I can take them seriously.

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