Pain, Pain, Pain, Pain.

March 1st, 2009

fiddly is looking good!

Teufelsburst had a great comment on my sarcastic post on the Scout Update:

Eh, I gave in last night, threw on the Ramones, and embraced the stupid. I still can’t stand the scout, but I did have a great time. As for engineering, especially on 2Fort, I’m starting to wish teams would encourage a third man (no, not Orson Welles) to assist in spy extermination and harass the inevitable medic/X combo that slips through to tear down the defenses. Since I’m talking crazy, I’d also like a million dollars and the ability to play a sniper without embarrassing myself and eleven other players.

I know they’ve designed the Team into the TF2 Engineer class, but I think they’ve taken it a bit too far. Most of the other classes have a large degree of independence built into them, sometimes it seems the Engy can’t be played properly without an Assistant Engy and someone guarding the perimeter. Bare minimum.

Other things frustrate the fun of playing Engineer; scarcity of metal on maps, and the build time for SGs. But far bigger of a problem are rude players yelling at the hardhats, telling them how they’re doing everything wrong and how they shouldn’t be in respawn with all their buildings in pieces.

Anyhoo, I’ll still don the Yellow Hat on occasion. It is certainly a challenge, and I’m a whining masochist.

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One Response to “Pain, Pain, Pain, Pain.”

  1. Gravekeeper

    My Yellow Hat is permanently fused to my skull, so I can certainly feel your pain. I die a little on the inside when I play Arena and a Heavy or Pyro goes through a little of his ammo for no reason before the gates open, and then has the balls to pick up the only Ammo Box this side of the stage. Then they complain about my uselessness for 1) choosing Engie in Arena, 2) not having all my buildings Lv3 ten seconds into the fight.

    The metal shortage isn’t that bothersome to me most of the time, but on Egypt, man… I don’t know if it’s because I don’t know the map well enough, but I find myself wondering half the time if it would be quicker to run all the way back to my spawn, instead of trying to find the apparently single Ammo box in the stage.

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