It still pretty much sucks to be an Engy in TF2.
{mnu}addiction is looking good!

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3 Responses to “Yay for the Scout Update! (sarcasm)”

  1. Gravekeeper

    I beg to differ- 12 Scouts on the opposing team rushing out into the open with an elevated sense of impunity? That nets you at least 30 Sentry kills before their tiny brains can process that Sentries can’t be bonked. I have yet to use the Scout since the update went live- Engineering is great fun around such soft, knockbackable targets…

  2. PadSeeEw

    I don’t disagree. I was just being my usual cynical self regarding the Engy. The most trouble I had as an engy last night was with a Medic/Pyro and Medic/Heavy combo that just wouldn’t leave well enough (aka my stuff) alone.

  3. Teufelsburst

    Eh, I gave in last night, threw on the Ramones, and embraced the stupid. I still can’t stand the scout, but I did have a great time. As for engineering, especially on 2Fort, I’m starting to wish teams would encourage a third man (no, not Orson Welles) to assist in spy extermination and harass the inevitable medic/X combo that slips through to tear down the defenses. Since I’m talking crazy, I’d also like a million dollars and the ability to play a sniper without embarrassing myself and eleven other players.

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