Dr. Flambeau!

November 4th, 2008

STOVETOP “saw” me trying to defend the Dustbowl.

“Sand people. Or worse.”

November 3rd, 2008

Some costume play (the kids these days call it cosplay) from Woss‘ flickr collection:

Needle VS Backburner

November 3rd, 2008

I love the composition of this shot (and one to follow):

The Agony of Day of Defeat #8

November 3rd, 2008

Caustic gives up.

Red dot!

November 3rd, 2008

I just finished going through 3-500 screenshots I’ve had sitting around. What a mess! I hope I don’t post any repeats…tell me if you’ve seen this one already. It’s a beauty:

The only good Spy….

November 3rd, 2008

Is a Kukri’d Spy:

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