Just popping in to say, I’m downloading the demo (it’s at 70% and climbing).

Now, I’ve previously expressed my total disinterest in the game before, but I should say that much of that is a shameless cover for my abject fear of scary stuff.

Will keep you posted.


Played the demo for 5 minutes or so. First impressions – incredible graphics, but why do I feel like I already played this in Half Life 2? That zombied me out, honestly, and now it’s more running around a dark house with moaning undead. *shrugs*

**UPDATE 2**

Played the multiplayer, and it was “running around a dark house with moaning undead and Grim yelling at me”. *shrugs*

Just joshin’ ya Grim, if you read this. He was actually very helpful as I was attacked by a scary zombie in the dark and didn’t know how to apply my medikit. If you’re ever attacked by a zombie and fall on the ground, pull out a keyboard and hit the “4″ key, and then left click. Or something.

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6 Responses to “Left for Dead. No, Not this Blog….”

  1. stoop kid

    The biggest gripe I have the the game so far?

    2 gigs for a demo? WHAT?

    I do think people give l4d a little too much credit, though. Why is it more fun than the millions of zombie mods out for every fps ever made?

  2. slick

    it is kinda fun I think. But I only playedfor about 10min.

    Much better AI for the zombies. But afterall, it is a zombie killer and well, killing zombies gets tireing after some time (usually) I look forward to trying the game out a bit more tonight.

  3. PadSeeEw

    I’m with Stoop. I just don’t understand the hype. Other than graphical improvements and as Slick said, the AI….

    Still, I’ll probably jump on tonight with you Slick. Gotta jumpstart the TF2 server tonight though…it needs some love.

  4. Grim

    LOL Pad. Btw, if you get knocked down, you cant heal till someone helps you back to your feet.

    One of the games big draws for me is it will never be the same, no matter how many times you play it. If ya wanna give it another shot Pad, lemme know.

  5. Rexx

    game rules, hope you give it another try sir :)

  6. PadSeeEw

    Doubtful. I’m really too busy for the games that I like. :(

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