Sorry you alls, I’ve been stuck in RESPAWN all this time! No, really! I blame the crit rockets and spies!

OK, so I’m not getting off so easy, you say. Here’s the hard truth: I’ve not been that busy. I’ve not stopped playing TF2 or DoD:S. I wasn’t beaten senseless with a melee weapon (outside of the games). I haven’t found a new hobby. Or (shocker) a new girlfriend. Keep giggling, that’s right. Once I pull my fat, contorted backside out of this chair I’ll….wait….can’t get out…..I mean, I’ll just roll over to you there and give you what-for!

Anyway, I just burned out on blogging and trying to stay current; it takes a lot of mental energy fishing for videos everyday, and obsessively searching for content of other kinds. Srsly!

That said, I still heart The Fragwagon and plan to get back to blogging here real soon. I even downloaded a couple of those free mods that STEAM was so nice to distribute (Age of Chivalry is a hoot). So, come on and check back here real soon if you had given up on me.

And I still owe wAr_mAchine some fragwagon sprays…..

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2 Responses to “Deadbeat Blogger Beaten With Melee Weapon”

  1. Some Random Guy

    Miss you <3

  2. PadSeeEw

    Awwww. :)

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