Spray Art: BWND

September 6th, 2008

I made this one for my FNF buddy, Bone:


Created the achievement graphic using the TF2 Achievement Generator, which I heard about on the 1fort blog. This is going to be a fun spray tool, I can see!

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4 Responses to “Spray Art: BWND”

  1. C. E. Sum

    dude, can I get this one for my past record? :P How about a DoD one “1000 one-shot kills by bone with a K98″

  2. stoop kid

    Wow! That achievement generator is awesome, I’m making my own spray right now, heh.

  3. Bubba in a Million&b=Aim for an enemy sniper and accidentally score a headshot on a cloaked spy&c=u&e=338&f=1

    Ask Formologic ;)

  4. Bone

    I resent the k98 remark. I am a true sportsman, “garand” for the win.

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