FNF DoD: Revenge!

September 5th, 2008

I’ve been neglecting DoD on this blog lately, and our regulars on FNF DoD server have been busy with other things. As far as FRAGWAGON goes, there’s really no excuse, as there’s a few fantastic new maps coming out. These maps won’t profile themselves!

In an effort to jumpstart some server activity, we organized a get-together tonight and called it “FNF DoD Revenge!”. Here are some choice shots:

A brave soldier, unnamed due to a screenshot glitch, races through the smoke to take the bridge.

tommytfc [fnf] is looking good!
TommyTFC on a great beach/bunker map called dod_pointe_b1. View to Axis spawn.

itsmyfirstday!! is looking good!
Same map, with a shot of First Day saying, “Sorry Pad” for TK’ing me. Friendly Fire Ain’t.

Hopefully we can get this going again, and maybe with a little more notice I’ll post something here!

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