Sentry Gun Tattoo!

September 2nd, 2008

More evidence of the crazy phenomenon that is Team Fortress 2!


Spotted in an old article from

  1. Pyro Unlockables Next – and Meet the Sniper
  2. TF2 Lego
  3. TF2 Costuming Phenomena
  4. Giant Sentry Levels City!
  5. Sentry VS Sentry (re-edit)

6 Responses to “Sentry Gun Tattoo!”

  1. stoop kid

    Ok, I can understand the lego and the crazy case mods… but this? This is a new level.

  2. Lord_Akira

    This new level is nothing new. If they have the passion more power to them.

    The only reason that I don’t have a tattoo is because they are there for the rest of my life. With no wife or kids, I have nothing in my life that I think I could be passionate about for the rest of my life, much less ten years in this case. TF3 by then, please.

  3. stoop kid

    But how does he answer to it when asked by his wife/girlfriend in bed one night?

    Now that would be an epic story.

  4. Some Random Guy

    Spy’s sappin’ ma erection!

  5. PadSeeEw

    Yeah, I’m not up for searing my flesh with anything. Maybe something religious if I were forced to get one.

  6. Peter

    Awesome tattoo, mind if I share this?

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