Character Design by Valve.

August 29th, 2008

TF2 Offical Blog has an interesting article on their character design for the Demoman. If you haven’t read it already, do take a look….Funny to see how they decided to go ahead with the stereotype of the angry Scotsman, but realized that visually it was veering too close to Groundskeeper Willie:

Willie in full Highlander regalia. Demoman in janitor’s outfit.

I really liked this particular design:

Which just had to be the same brilliant artist behind this:

Just for comparison, here are the TFC Demomen (New and Old models):
“New” and “Old” now both really old.

Anyone else find it utterly fascinating that they’ve still gone ahead with smoking characters in this game? I wonder if there will ever be pressure to have the Spy put all his butts in the ashtray, and only allow him to smoke 15 feet from the entrance to friendly or enemy bases….

On a side note, I miss the Engy’s stogie.

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