The Dark Knight, TF2 Style!

August 24th, 2008

Great new video, “The Dark Fortress“, from Lagspike:

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If you haven’t seen Lagspike’s other brilliant TF2 machinima, “Temp Fortress”, you better get to clicking on this linkage!

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  2. Let’s do this Manilow Style
  3. “KROGAN AIRDROP: TF2 Style”
  4. Left for Dead. No, Not this Blog….
  5. Video: “There’s a Snake in My Boot”

3 Responses to “The Dark Knight, TF2 Style!”

  1. Lord_Akira

    I’d watched this probably 7 times or more already before you got around to posting it.

    7 more times won’t hurt, it’s that good :D

  2. Rexx

    awesome, love that movie :)
    joker is my fav character of all time judging that i have a tatoo of him on my calf :P

  3. PadSeeEw

    I can’t wait to get this on DVD. Only saw it once in the theaters.

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