Great new vid of Lavalevel‘s main squeeze checking out the Heavy Update:

Best quote:
Nietzsche! What are you doing here! I’m sure he’s…discovering the finer points of the Dionysian – good human brutality, killing, nothing too ordered. Those Soldiers are very Apollonian. I wonder if he gets the irony of the fact that he’s calling himself Nietzsche. But it’s pretty funny…’cause if he read The Birth of Tragedy he’d get the joke of his own name.”

If you’ve never seen her first video, check it out here.

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5 Responses to “New Girlfriend Video from Lavalevel!”

  1. Rexx

    lol, i’ll keep saying it, she acts just like my GF when she is playing games :P

    he should make her play Gears of War…i did….was epic lawls :P

  2. stoop kid

    “Everyone’s so nice in this game!”


  3. Lord_Akira

    You’ve never played at FNF have you? ;D

  4. PadSeeEw

    It’s funny to see her comments about the CS:S players in the preview of the next video. :D

  5. CrashZer0

    I must say that her gameplay has much improved.

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