How to Make Your Own Ubersaw

August 22nd, 2008

Plus, the best Medic costume I’ve seen thus far, all from a brilliant young lad known as Woss on steampowered forums, and PropMedic on What talent!

He is the Ubermensch!


(Both photos by The Kruger)
Another successful procedure!

Check out his freaking awesome tutorial on how to make YOUR very own Ubersaw, at his handy-dandy deviantart article.  See his other cosplay pics in his Convention Collection.

  1. “Sand people. Or worse.”
  2. Stinkin’ Spies (fan art)
  3. Devious.
  4. TF2 Female Class Model Concepts (Heavy)
  5. Shootin’ Sammiches

5 Responses to “How to Make Your Own Ubersaw”

  1. slick

    Wow, people are funny. Though I must say good craftsmanship on the saw..

  2. Rexx

    scary but mad kool :P

  3. Wossname

    Ha ha, thanks for the props {rimshot}.

    What turned out as a funny observation at Halloween (“hey, dude, you kinda look like the medic as a teen, you should dressup as him for our party”) has taken a life of its own. Thank god there are conventions for this sort of thing or I might, you know… look silly.

  4. PadSeeEw

    You looked great! Thanks for stopping by!

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