Arena Mode

August 18th, 2008

Nice.  If you haven’t already, check out the Heavy Update page for info on the new Arena Mode maps.

No, no Murderball. OK, it was a longshot. But I thought Mr. Walker might have some nostalgia for it. Hey, I can’t be right every time (like I was with Fastlane, and nearly Steel).

It looks like the maps are a real breath of fresh air. Fresh, Rocky Mountain type air.

Image from the TF2 official blog.

From Lumberyard..

We’ll see how this plays tomorrow!

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6 Responses to “Arena Mode”

  1. stoop kid

    I’m really grateful for the new environment… there’s only so much desert and industrial gameplay you can take, eh?

    “The kit sits on a log above a deadly pit, making it a great ambush spot for Pyros, Demomen, and Soldiers to send unwary enemies to their deaths.”

    I REALLY like the sound of this. Compressed air blast is going to be particularly handy on this map, methinks.

  2. PadSeeEw

    It’s a tiny bit o’ health too, ain’t it. Can’t wait to see this map, although if I have reservations it may be toward the gamemode itself. Don’t like the thought of sitting in spectate while others duke it out.

    OK, that’s most of my gaming time. But STILL.

  3. Lord_Akira

    I like the new green look, but they really did toot their own horn a bit much for it. They’ve added sporadic grass down on the same dry dirt, threw in some logs and pine trees. But hey, that’s just Valve doing what they do best.


  4. slick

    I’m excited to see green!
    How about a few wooden bears like the fake cows in 2fort?…

  5. PadSeeEw

    Great idea, Slick!!

  6. pinkNINJA

    That new map seems very peaceful and calm, so it seems kind of funny to me that it will be used in arena game-mode!

    I love that it looks very different from everything else.

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