Pad’s Faves: Hydro Gibs

August 14th, 2008

Probably still my favorite screenshot.

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  2. Pad’s Faves: FX
  3. Pad’s Faves: Immortal-D
  4. Pad’s Faves: Sprat
  5. Pad’s Faves: Ed Gruberman

3 Responses to “Pad’s Faves: Hydro Gibs”

  1. pinkNINJA

    Very cool screenshot :)

    I feel like this is something that could be framed!

    ps Can you please send me the original if it isn’t too much trouble?

  2. Lord_Akira


    This would imply that you actually PLAYED Hydro…. FAKE!


  3. PadSeeEw

    hey pink,

    If you’re checking this….of course. But – I no longer have the TGA file – just the JPEG. You can grab the original off of Flickr. Just click on the pic then “All Sizes”. Not sure how it would look printed out.

    And Akira….you Hydro fanboy you….hey we played it recently and I enjoyed it. Probably because I’m so sick of Dustrush.

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