TFC the Musical

July 27th, 2008

pinkNINJA posted something on the phenomena of “gun sound effect song videos”. I really don’t know what to call them…..sound FX remixes? Gun sounds videos? Anyway, they’re pretty cool. The TF2 one in particular, so click on over there to check them out. I remember this TFC one (warning, may cause nausea. If so, hit your “Medic!!” key).

  1. Bill’s Hat + Soldier = TFC Connection
  2. FNF at 8: TFC
  3. Some Thoughts, Some Months Later
  4. TF2 & TFC 2fort Comparison
  5. Cool stuff in this Changelog

4 Responses to “TFC the Musical”

  1. pinkNINJA

    Cool video ! This one sounds very different from the others.

    ps Thanks for the link!

  2. sk958


  3. PadSeeEw

    EXCUSE ME, I’m in need of medical ATTENTION

  4. Abe Samiec

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