Played Caen Last Night

July 26th, 2008

Just a quick note…you DoD vets will remember dod_caen, a classic map in which everyone knew where you were if you said “I’m in the electric alley” or “the fire alley”.  Well, there have been a couple of custom mappers who’ve attempted to port the map – and in one way or another have really kind of ruined it.  Now a fella has captured it’s essence and bottled it in a beta version called dod_caen_b07.  I’ll post some pics later and give you my impressions.   Here’s a screenie of the original version.  That’s “the bank” on the right.

dod_Caen.  Old skool.

dod_Caen. Old skool.

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2 Responses to “Played Caen Last Night”

  1. C. E. Sum

    WANT :)

    I really miss that map.

  2. ottothecow

    Used to love this map…remember lots of flag capping with the no longer existing semi-auto german rifle before I learned to love the spot-on accurate death that is the K98 (BRING BACK MY BAYONET!!)

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