CP_Lazytown (mapper Zeta) was one of the first fun, playable custom maps after TF2 was released in October of last year. The map had flaws; it was very plain-jane in the visuals, and it was tough to “cap out” on. That made for some intense battles but felt unsatisfying….it didn’t seem to have momentum. Also, the mapper must hate Engineers, the metal and health were skimpy.

Welcome to Busytown! The visuals have been lavishly re-worked, with a beautiful 3D skybox job. The name was changed to differentiate it from the scores of ripoffs that came from Zeta’s original Laztown. Although I’m sure these scumbag map stealers would think nothing of propagating a legion of lame Busytown knockoffs. Anyway, it’s really a professional job and even had at least two (that I noticed) custom decals.

Grimwar is looking good!_0000

I LOVED the new middle capture point – there are new side routes that Zeta opened up here:

Playing as Soldier, I loved how you could jump on top of this building on the right (CASALI SHAFTING CO.) to harass enemies trying to capture the middle. Oh yes, this fellow died while taunting me. You’re lookin’ good, Nixon!
=jps=nixon is looking good!

Zeta improved the map even more by using advancing spawns to bring the action forward. I’ve played it once, and I will tell you we were brutalized, our butts handed to us in little cardboard conference lunchboxes. So your mileage may vary, but I found the first caps to be wayyy too prone to spawn-camping. Some alternate exits would be great here.

Also, the Engineer gets no love from this map, as the metal is about the same as Lazytown, few and far between. All in all, it’s a fantastic looking improvement, yay for moveable spawns and new routes, big boos for Engy punishment and spawn-camping problems. Hopefully it’s not the final version as this map is getting very close to perfection.

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7 Responses to “Map Review: CP_Busytown (by Zeta)”

  1. Some Random Guy

    This is a good map for spies!

  2. Lord_Akira

    Spawn camping is an unfortunate negative result of the final cap going MUCH slower than other 5 point CP push maps like well, granary or badlands. Fix that, and give the engies some room to work and it’s pretty darn good.

  3. ottothecow

    crazy talk! thats my man nixon

    that kid went to my high school…what’s he doing on FNF?

  4. PadSeeEw

    He’s becoming a regular on our fair server. Where have YOU been, otto?

  5. ottothecow

    I see your point….maybe I was to busy seeing batman and looking for shots of my place of employment

  6. +SPONGE+

    HI, If anyone can get this message to Zeta I would be very grateful. Zeta is becoming something of a legend ..especially due to his genius creation.. the Lazytown TF2 map.
    If someone could ask him to visit and register if poss would be great. Multiplay server admins (Parva MaryG) have a couple of questions about the map too ..and like I said …it would be cool to meet the genius behind Lazytown. ;-)



  7. PadSeeEw

    He should be registered on steampowered forums. Search for his name on there, Sponge. And thanks for checking Fragwagon!

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