pinkNINJA: LANthropologist

July 17th, 2008

The pinkNINJA blog has a hilariously funny (because it’s true) post on LAN parties and the different types of gamers that attend them.

Click on over there and you will meet the griefer, rager, ringer, creeper, and the non-gamer gamer.

I’ve only been to one LAN, it was hosted at Bat21‘s FNF HQ back in ’07. Good times. Although I must say I’m grateful we didn’t see the unsavory side of the LAN experience as reported by pinkNINJA. It was really cool to see everyone that I’d been spending a lot of time with gaming over the years. The BBQ was great, too.

You can see the FNF LAN setup here in a video that Echo 4 Davis took, creeping about as he was:

The fragwagon tour starts at Xena‘s, pans across Bone‘s, and goes past Major and CrashZer0‘s area, then bear‘s. Then it turns around to view the Buzzard monitors, then pans past Echo‘s monster, then Ender, then culminating with a shot of False and Snake Eyes fragstations.

Mine was behind where the camera starts at Xena and Bone, and also missing is FNF Central, which is behind another door. (FNF Central fraggers were Bat21 himself and Moozer).

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2 Responses to “pinkNINJA: LANthropologist”

  1. pinkNINJA

    LANthropologist… wow, that’s awesom-o :) Thanks for the nice write-up!

  2. bat21

    that’s just how it was! i was there!!

    we fragged like it was 1999!!

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