Going to Headquarters

July 9th, 2008

That’s right, FNF HQ on official business. So blogging may be light till I get back on Monday. Staying at the very hospitable Bat21‘s place and hope to see you FNF folks on the servers.

Man, I’ve been enjoying DoD lately. The M1 Garand (Rifleman) is just like it used to be on the old HL engine. Good fun!

(old FNF TFC spray)

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3 Responses to “Going to Headquarters”

  1. bat21

    rgr tht….pad is @ fnf hq!

  2. Weedy

    smack him for me would you bat?

  3. Rexx

    lies!!! i miss the old server :( ( we should put it back up so i can use DoD_Walk again and get 10:1 sniper ratios :D

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