Yours truly’s flavor of the month; an old image of one of the classic DoD player classes sans helmet, with the background of the ancient map, dod_omaha:

I did a DoD:S map called dod_foy – I need to blog on that. I have a “Mapping” category that has nothing in it yet.

  1. Pad See Ew is looking dead!.jpg
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4 Responses to “Steam Profiles: Pad See Ew”

  1. stoop kid

    Oh god, omaha… if I remember correctly, you looked out from the Axis bunkers expecting to see a vast expanse of sea, but due to limited processing power back in those days, the sea just ended 100m out. LOL.

  2. PadSeeEw

    With a little imagination, it was “gritty, realistic warfare” :D I remember the fountain-like blood spurts when you’d get a headshot – I remember climbing up those ropes on the cliffs….what a meat-grinder that was. I remember when they updated the map and “opened” that whole back section with guns you had to blow up….good times.

  3. slick

    dod_omaha was a great map. It was one of my favorites. Only second to HL deathmatch bootcamp. Gosh why did they mess up HL2 deathmatch so badly?

  4. stoop kid

    I was kinda hoping for some old DOD maps to come to source with the Palermo update :(

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