Up Next: The Fatty

July 1st, 2008

As confirmed on the surprisingly-frequently-updated TF2 Official Blog, Mr. Heavy W. Guy is the next Team Fortress 2 character slated for updates.

six pk and a pound taco brother is looking good!

It seems the big difference with the Heavy update is that they’re opening a window into their design process. No doubt a lot of people are going to interpret this as “OMG tehy’re gona listen to all my hair-brained cool ideas”. Those lot of people need to read it a bit more carefully before they slag off Valve after it turns out totally different.

Personally, I hope fatty gets some goggles and a bandana.


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11 Responses to “Up Next: The Fatty”

  1. stoop kid

    Uh oh, I think Valve has finally run out of ideas. Why else would they want the public to send in suggestions? I don’t really like the idea of a non-Valve created unlock, but who knows, eh?

  2. C. E. Sum

    (pardon my language) OH HELL YA!

    I’ve actually been playing heavy a lot recently, to great effect against those wimpy pyros.

  3. Lord_Akira

    I thought engie was next. Oh well, as long as they keep them frequent.

  4. PadSeeEw

    Stoop, I don’t think they’re taking submissions. They’re just showing us the steps they take in the design process. I hope. lol…

    I rarely play fatty, but it’s “GOOOD TIMES!” when I do.

    A note on the TFC shot in this post: I joined some TFC server last night to get it. I was in there all of 5 minutes and was totally sick of it. I hadn’t played it since 2 came out.


    And the Heavy needs a BIGGER gun?

  6. slick

    Cool! How about a stomp the ground like a big king kong character unlockable! ;-) j/k

  7. r0tax

    rofl a stun with knock back component? aka the tauren! (See: WoW) hahaha

    well it is a MMOPG now…so….

    unfortunately i’m not all that impressed w/ pyro unlocks… i’m already back to using default flamer and shotgun… i think i’ve only used the axe when i did the ‘unlocks’.
    i feel compressed air is much more advantagous than crit from DIRECTLY BEHIND.

    if only u could knock back sgs w/ the compressed air.. haha oh wait, pyros are already over powered versus the engy now..least when using the “extra 50 hps” gun.

  8. r0tax

    just to also comment and not seem like i’m harping on all the changes.. i really love the medic unlocks.. granted, crit stick has been bagged for the last month.. but the life tap gun and uber saw are actually very nice.

  9. PadSeeEw

    If I can just unlock the goggles and the bandana, I’ll be sittin’ pretty.

  10. Grim

    As someone who plays engy alot, I think the extra 50hp is a deal breaker. Now a pyro can kill an sg by himself, sure they almost die, but not quite. That extra 50hps means they live, the engy, sg, and dispensor all die. Its very frustrating.

  11. PadSeeEw

    Grim, I agree wholeheartedly. It’s like Valve hates Engineers. The thing that gets me is players don’t seem to care, but keep yelling stuff like “OMG THE PYRO IS UNDERPOWERED”. Frustrating, indeed.

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