These guys are surprising us with the TF2 Offical Blog.


Click on over there to see the back of this card, and the Demoman.

  1. Whoa: DoDS Update Imminent!
  2. Left for Dead. No, Not this Blog….
  3. Heavy Update Website is Live!
  4. Obligatory Scout Update Post
  5. Update on the (BETA)Update

3 Responses to “TF2 Trading Cards: Whoa, Another Offical Blog Update!”

  1. stoop kid

    Valve, the 90s called. They want their trading cards. lol.

  2. Lord_Akira

    Cards are cool, but these are lame. A paragraph and a picture? At least put some weapon stats on it.

  3. slick

    Posters would be sweet

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